The Twilights Promo Stuff

Welcome to our “Promo Stuff” page!  Here you’ll find downloadable promo cards, show posters, wall papers and more.  It’s all pretty cool with more to come. To open and download, simply “Double-click” on the picture of your choice...

11” X 17” White Show Poster

11” X 17” Black Show Poster

1920 X 1200 Wall Papers / 100dpi jpeg

Twilights WP - 1C - Blk

Twilights WP - 2C - Blk

Twilights WP - 1C - Red

Twilights WP - 2C - Red

Twilights WP - 3C - Black

Twilights WP - 3C - Red

Twilights WP - 4C - Black

Twilights WP - 4C - Red

We’ll gladly fill in the blanks for you on your show poster by sending us the information required by clicking   “Here”.  We’ll then e-mail you back your updated poster in pdf form.

More exciting promo materials coming to enhance your “Twilights” experience!

DMK ( Digital Media Kit)

You can order your personal digital media kit from us on DVD format that includes group bio, photos, MP3 samples, marketing pieces and contact information... Click on the DVD to send us an e-mail request and for a quote for your event!

Twilights WP - 6C - Stars

Twilights WP - 7C - Stars JB

Just click on the wallpaper and then download!

11” X 17” Stars Show Poster

Hand-Written Show Posters / pdf format

Playing the hits of the 50’s & 60’s