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Bonnie Gerbrandt - Female Lead / Harmony Vocals

I have always loved to sing but was very shy about it until my late 30’s when I decided it’s now or never.  I’ve had the privilege to sit in with some of Winnipeg’s top bands such as Ron Paley’s big band, The George Reznik Trio and Janice Findlay’s band.  Fifteen years ago I played a few gigs with John Moore and Warren Weldon when they were part of the Downbeats.  Recently when they were looking for a female singer for The Twilights, Warren called me to see if I was available and well…. here I am!

Doug McKay - Keyboards / Harmony Vocals

Doug’s musical journey started when he was a wee lad (barely 10 years old) around Christmas time when his loving parents bought him a little battery operated Bontempi keyboard. His very first song played was ‘Silent Night’, which quickly then became a silent night when his parents confiscated the batteries after the 11th straight time he played the song and he refused to learn any new ones.

He never seriously continued his musical journey until his teens when the 80’s new wave & synth bands swept over from Britain. A band named Ultravox inspired him to begin writing lyrics, and he began to hang out at the local music store noodling on the keyboards for hours on end, which then led to buying his first keyboard – a Korg M1.

After many years of dreaming of being a rock star (and also dreaming of scoring the overtime goal in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals), Doug was referred by a friend to join a classic rock/pop/dance band in the city. That band gave him the hunger to perform in front of an audience and share in the wonderful energy and love of music, and he’s never looked back!

The journey has included numerous cover & original bands over the years since, but Doug found a jump jiving bunch of musicians that rocked around the clock playing the classics of the 50’s. He then found a passion and appreciation for 50’s music, and has also become a better musician as a result.

With The Twilights continuing to represent and perform the classics of both the 50’s & 60’s, Doug is extremely proud and thankful to be involved with such a wonderful group of talented musicians that truly have the love of music, the love of performing, and the respect & friendship of each other. Our musical family is one that looks forward to performing and entertaining you, the audience, and we hope you enjoy us as much as we enjoy you as we take you down memory lane to a time when music was truly rockin’ around the clock!   

Ed Burnett - Drums / Percussion / Harmony Vocals

I was born and raised in a musical family. My dad played drums, banjo and sang my sister played accordion.  My early years were spent listening to records and music on the radio as there was no TV until 1954. I liked the big bands and the many of the singers of that day. I particularly like the vocal groups such as the Modernaires, Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots. Dad would sometimes have musician friends come over to make records on his Recordio (record making machine).It was quite a feat fitting 10 – 12 musicians in the tiny cottage of a house on Langside St.  I had my first paying drum gig in 1957 playing with my sister’s band.  I also loved the new rock n roll music.  Sometime in 1959 I received a call from a guy named Fred Turner who wanted to see if I was interested in joining his band. I agreed and this band became known as the Rhythm Raiders (3 guitars and drums).  We played our first gig at Orioles Teen Canteen. Our pay was a Sweet Marie bar and a Pepsi.  Other bands I had played in were the Fabulons, the Shondels, and (the top band of the day) Roy Miki and the Down Beats (this is where I met and played with, Warren Weldon and John Moore) we, along with Fred were the back-up group to Roy.

After an interruption of many years, I answered an ad in the paper for a 50’s tribute group. I met a couple of guys there who had an interest in the doo-wop (vocal group) singing of the ‘50’s, of which I loved. The three of us started having musical evenings at my place.  This morphed out to be a band called Jimmy G and the Doo Wops and today has transformed into “The Twilights”!

Rick McGhee - Bass Guitar

Ever since I saw the Beatles live on Ed Sullivan in ’64 at the age of ten I’ve had a bass or guitar in my hands. As a teenager anytime I could get a gig playing a  school or community cub dance with a band I jumped at it. There is no type of music I haven’t enjoyed playing over the years.  Blues, Blue grass, Reggae, and all types of Rock. I toured Canada and the Eastern states playing original music with a band called “One Life” in the early eighties. We gave it a pretty good shot but didn’t hit the “Big Time”. Got to play a lot of famous rooms though, like” Kenny’s Castaways” and “The Bitter End” in the Greenwich Village area of New York. A lot of musical history in those places.


It is great playing with the “Twilights” and getting to revisit all the great Roots Rock and Roll. This is where rock began and listening to the original songs by the original artists has been a great learning experience and playing these tunes with a great bunch of musicians is about as much fun as you can have.

Rick Roschuk - Lead Vocals / Harmony Vocals

Celebrating 41 years in the music business this year, starting with DJing (1972), Radio (1975-1978), MC and Karaoke hosting in the 1990’s.  Rick’s career took a turn to the creative side in 2001 when he was hired by a local record label as an AR / Project manager. Twelve years later, numerous industry awards for both himself and his artists, Rick now finds himself in the front-lines as “The Twilights” lead male vocalist and has been consumed by both the magic of the era and the chemistry with his fellow band-mates.  Playing music that brings the feel-good back is the name of the game!  Rick continues to work in the music industry as the Manager for the Red Road Music Company.

Warren Weldon - Saxophone / Harmony Vocals

Music has always been a big part of my life. Roy Miki and the Downbeats asked me to play Saxophone with them in 1959. Our highlight was playing at the community clubs emceed by DJ's all over Winnipeg. It was exciting times. On occasion we would be on live radio. During this time Ed Burnett was on drums, John Moore on Bass, Fred Turner (BTO ) on lead guitar, Roy Miki on vocals.

Later in 1993, we reunited without Roy. Playing for special functions, hotels and community clubs. In 2006, Ed Burnett asked me if I wanted to join Jimmy G & The Doo Wops. We had great success playing at all the Casinos in Manitoba, but our biggest highlight was playing on the main stage at the Regina Casino. In 2012 the musicians parted ways with Jimmy G and we are now called "The Twilights", and with this new group, we have a new energy and a wonderful camaraderie.


Our group has a vast wealth of music industry experience spanning over 50 years. Please enjoy reading about your favorite band members and feel free to keep in touch with updates from our Facebook page.

Frank Piske - Guitar / Harmony Vocals / Lead Vocals

Frank started playing guitar when he was thirteen and, growing up in a house filled with jazz music, he's always loved the American standards.  Frank's rocked Winnipeg stages for forty years and now with the Twilights pays homage to the music that made Rock 'n' Roll happen.

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